The love

I have found my people!!! I have missed you all so much it hurts inside. I'm living local and I'm hoping that some of the rest of you are too. Maybe I can stop being so lazy and actually communicate with my long lost friends.
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Gamelan Galak-Tika!

As a former Smithie and Duckett resident (2001!), I feel obliged to personally invite the residents of the house to a concert on Saturday, February 12 at 8pm! Gamelan Galak-Tika, a Balinese music ensemble, is an MIT-based group that performs traditional Balinese pieces as well as new compositions! We'll have dancers, as well. If you've heard Smith's own Javanese gamelan, you'll have an idea of the types of sounds gamelans use (largely most are made up of gongs and metallophones), and the structure of Southeast Asian music (cyclical, punctuated by gongs), but not necessarily the style - Balinese music has evolved to be very competitive, rapid, and abrupt, making it extremely exciting (in contrast with the beautiful but slow, stately, court-style music played by Javanese groups). So please come see us play, if you're interested! Hopefully carolatina  and kitsushan will be coming out with me to see the performance and hang out at Smith, and it would be great to get to see Duckett again.  Thanks, and I hope some of you come to the concert and enjoy yourselves!
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Insanely bored...

Hey everybody,
I am running out of ways to occupy my free time and thus, have become mildly addicted to the internet. So I was thinking, why dont I list random things I like, and see if ne one shares my interests, and if not, at least I wasted some time.....
Will and Grace - a.k.a the jack and karen show
King of Queens- and I quote "man, if baloney smelled ne better, Id wear it" Doug
The simpsons-nuff said
Thai food
Chocolate- all kinds but currently Big toblerone bar
ICE CREAM- possibly best food ever
Rain-dunno why, just a thing
Bridget Jone's Diary
Jane austen novels
Hugh Grant
Driving a stick shift
Colorguard- just got my WGI tape- yay!
Shopping-particularly sales
Well, im sure thats more than u wanted to know, so ill stop now, but feel free to comment....
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...our mascot is a duck!

so it seems i've started a trend and other people are creating livejournal communities for their houses. but we were first! go duckett!

moving on: for a while the duckett website was broken (a small php problem) but now it's fixed. i haven't really updated the content in forever because i'm lacking in motivation. so if anyone has ideas or would like to work on it, let me know and we'll work something out.

also: since i'll be graduating this year, the website will need to be moved off of my sophia account. i'm going to have the hp try to get smith to give us webspace. we'll see how that works out.

and: i know there are other ducks out there in lj-land who haven't joined the community. we must make them all join! mwahahahahahahaha.

ahem. yes.

ohoh! a quick question for the alums out there. does anyone know how long the "...fuck it, we're duckett, our mascot is a duck" cheer has been the convocation cheer?
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well, after a couple failed attempts, i was finally able to post on the right journal...YAY! hello fellow ducketts, i hoope youre all having a good name's maria, im from CO and i LOVE to read, watch movies and listen to music. Currently, i am listenin to No Doubt constantly, my favorite summer read so far is Peace like a river and my new favorite movie is dirty dancing (I heart patrick swayze) Anyways,I like to dance (ballet) and i did colorguard in if ne of you want to email me or, my sn is Starlet125, Id love to talk to you all...Oh im in room 209A by the way with my roomie Megan.....
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